Boston Group Building and Construction Advice

Built on the very needs that Consumers and Practitioners face in every day practice

Boston Group's building consultants offer tools, building advice and resources to help you in the completion of your project

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We recognize via our construction advice services that you may be operating in a very difficult environment.

When I started having problems with my Project I went looking for real professional advice.

We were very stressed at the time and Boston Group 911 Build Assist answered our calls promptly and within the time frame of one week they started getting the issues resolved for us of which saved us time and a lot of money.

The next time I will use Boston Groups Consulting Services right from the start! It really was a no brainer for us in the end and their Quality Assurance programs ensured a high quality product was delivered to us of which enhanced the value of our family home.

Boston Group are Platinum Members of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and have been a member for over 30 years of which gave us peace of mind and Confidence.

- Mr Trevor and Kathy King, Blackburn

The Boston Group's building advice services and our 911 Build Assist programs are primarily dedicated to Consumers, Builders and Developers and Sub Contractors whom are carrying out construction work and or operate construction practices in the Victorian Building Industry.

  • Problem Solving & Project Assistance.
  • Project Turn Around.
  • VCAT Litigation Support, Mediation and Dispute Resolution.
  • VCAT & Other Court Expert Witness Reports.
  • Relationship Management.
  • Dealing with Difficult People and or Sub Contractors.
  • Head Contract Administration and Client Development.
  • Sub Contract Administration-Protection of Profit Margins.
  • Defect Reports & Cost Analysis for Rectification Work.
  • Pre Purchase Report and Inspection Services.
  • Dilapidation Condition Reports & Asset Protection.
  • Project Management & Risk Evaluation.
  • Practice & Business Planning - Clear Thinking Time.
  • Debt Recovery.
  • Assisting in the Development of your Project or Business.
  • Public Relations
  • Relationship Management and Dealing with Confidential Issues.
  • Training and Education.

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