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With Debt Recovery, time is of the essence!

Debt collection is not something that can happen overnight, the Boston Group can offer fast and straight up advice.

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Debt recovery is not something that can take place overnight.

When an Outstanding Debt became non paid to our business, I followed the advice from Boston Group 911 Build Assist, they managed a very difficult situation for us in a very quick period of time and most of all we got Paid!

Boston Group are Platinum Members of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and have been a member for over 30 years of which gave us peace of mind and Confidence

- Mr Bruce Jenkin-Jen Electrix , Lysterfield

Most debt collectors or company structures will not communicate business problems to you or that they will be late in paying your accounts. These are issues you usually find out about as time moves on and trading terms and conditions have been breached or are in default.

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Debt collection takes time and money no matter what the issue is. An outstanding debt can become a traumatic business issue and may effect the future viability and on going trading relationships with many other business's.

  • You can virtually write off at a bare minimum 10% of a debt when a default has occurred, this is due to preliminary costs in communication or time spent with the re management in dealing with the matter well after the sale has been made and Tax Invoices have been issued for payment.
  • You should never delay one minute in pursuing a debt recovery process and you should always be mindful of your relationship with your client at all times as this business practice is very rarely discussed on any level. No one knows your client better than you, but the longer you delay the debt collection process, the more difficult it will become for debt recovery along with the lesser amount owed due to costs and other factors. Many businesses ask themselves "shall I pursue the debt and put that relationship at risk of future or potential repeat business?"
  • Many Business's often delay these decisions in making the debt recovery process as when a business gets into difficulty and there are time delays, delaying the recovery process often provides more time for the client-debtor to restructure their affairs with debtors often seeking advice from insolvency practitioners in moving assets away from attack by creditors and putting your debt at further risk of recovery.