VTAC Expert Witness Building Mediation and Building Dispute Resolution

Building dispute resolution without any pressure to compromise

The Boston Group are results oriented and have guided many clients to successful outcomes with our building mediation services.

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Parties can quite often be traumatised by building disputes and are unable to identify the issues.

When I had to get my three unit project completed by another builder I was provided with direct NO BULL advice from Boston Group 911 Build Assist, they managed a vast array of project risk for me and assisted us greatly in our VCAT mediation with the dispute.

Boston Group are Platinum Members of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and have been a member for over 30 years of which gave us peace of mind and Confidence.

- Ms Ann Entink, Kew

Building mediation allows each party to explain why they are unhappy or to explain what went wrong (most building disputes are simply a misunderstanding) and ideally when both parties have had the opportunity to both listen to each other and air their grievances, an agreement can be achieved. However if there is no resolution all your rights are preserved and you can still go to court or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Advantages of building mediation:

  • Quick results
  • More economical than the court system
  • Flexible medium
  • Offers a large range of equitable results

Disadvantages of building mediation:

  • There are none.

Consumers and business entities are often not fully appraised of legal procedures regarding their dispute and often litigation can be very costly if a formal building mediation has not been conducted.

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