Defect Reports

Many of our clients have a need for project specific defect reports outlining building defects and problems with a particular project.

Defect reports are procured in a number of different ways so as to be of assistance to our clients or associated parties;

  • Identification of defects with pictorial display
  • Identification of defects with quantum's and costing data
  • Defect reports to assist parties with mediation
  • Defect reports so as to assist with a Home Warranty Insurance claim
  • Cost to complete reports along with defect analogy
  • Cost to complete reports depicting an assessment of project status
  • Defect and cost to complete reports for expert witness purposes and requirements for legal proceedings at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal or other courts
  • Project status reports for assistance in mediations where a dispute has occurred between a consumer and /or a building practitioner

Our consulting services include assistance for consumers and builders to constructively help resolve areas of conflict that may have developed during or after the completion of a major domestic building contract.

We are mindful at all times of our clients relationship with a contracted party whilst providing valuable reports and commercial insight, so as to enable matters of disputation to be rectified and resolved.