Financial Services

The Boston Group provide services for consumers, businesses and corporate clients to assist with directional change and future requirements.

Our consulting services provide for results oriented outcomes for our clients needs or current circumstances.

Our services provide for the following:

  • Corporate and Business restructures
  • Insolvency advice and liaison with Consultants
  • Dealing with creditors
  • Debt recovery
  • Providing advice with schemes of arrangement
  • Turn around management regarding contractual arrangements
  • Assisting with outcomes in litigation
  • Assisting consumers with consumer credit
  • Property Acquisition, Sales and Marketing
  • Property refinancing
  • Crisis Management

Business environments often provide consumers, directors and business proprietors with many difficulties in today's trading markets.

Often business issues cause trauma with many business relationships, and in many cases there seems no outcome available.

The Boston Group can assist you with advice as to your business issues and provide planned outcomes to your financial future.