Training & Education

Our consulting services include a comprehensive range of services to the building and affiliated industries.

At the Boston Group we recognise that many businesses and corporations often do not have the time or expertise to properly assess all of their current and future activities.

The markets and business environments of today's times are constantly changing and businesses and corporations are often finding themselves growing rapidly or seeking new directions.

Our consulting services include input and educational advice in the following areas;

  • Advice on business structures
  • The ability to involve other specialist consulting advisors
  • Customer service
  • Mentoring and internal culture for staff development
  • Advice on Succession Management
  • Professional development
  • The development of corporate policy, planning and its implementation
  • Staff training seminars
  • Staff team focus groups
  • Fundamental skills for managers
  • How to handle difficult people and resolve conflict
  • Achieving business objectives

Businesses of today often operate in complex and diverse environments; our services are dedicated to enhancing business performances in improving profit margins, in turn assisting with better work place relationships with management and employees.